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      When people say there eyes fall out, they mean they are actually out of the eye sockets. The muscles are so swollen that it pushes the eyes out. Some people have them so bad that they sit on their cheek.
      Also the lids are retracted and this also causes the problem. Hope this answers the question.


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        Dear Curious
        I guess you might call it the eyes protruding,at least thats what I think its called,anyway if you rub your eyes the wrong way or even look the wrong way the eyes will pop out of their sockets,you have to remember they are being pushed out by the swelling of the muscles behind the eyes anyway so it dosen’t take much for them to pop out,mine come out even if I bend over to wash my hair,and when they do I finally figured out that the eye-lid goes right behind the eyes,and if you can grab hold of your eye lashes and pull then your eyes will or should slide back into where they belong,now I have had some trouble there too,as I couldn’t get them in for what seemed along time and thats when I go into shock then I have to be really careful as I don’t feel in control then,which can be very frightning for a person,but I just tell myself to calm down and it will go back and it always has,but I don’t know what to do if it ever dosen’t go back in for me,maybe if you Jan knows if this has happened to Jake or not you could comment on this as I do worry about that part,has it ever happened to Jake?Anyways I hope this is what you wanted to know curious,take care Barb

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