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      Well I have to tell you I remember him giving my the details, but I couldn’t repeat it if you paid me a million!! Isn’t that terrible!! I just know that because of my lids not closing all the way and being approx stable for about 6mos, and also having lots of burning, pain and blurriness for the past 2mos (off and on) he says he feels I will feel lots better if he does this surgery. He is going to lengthen my lids (adding some sort of material where he does the incision) and he is going to remove the build up of fatty tissue below my eyebrows (you know what I mean!). I know that I will not be awake so I assume that is not local anesthesia. I don’t know and we didn’t talk about circumstances following all this, like whether it won’t heal correctly and I will need further fixing up! I hope not. I have only seen one doctor (I call him my orbital eye specialist – but he is an occuplastic surgeon) and he is the only doctor is his practice…………so at least I won’t have to deal w/more than one! I feel badly for you having to go through all these surgeries. You are out of the hot phase of the disease, right?

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