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      When did you have your eyelid surgery done!!?? I am sorry, I can’t remember……….sound familiar?? smile

      Was yours done under anestesia and in a surgery center or his office? You got to go right back and have them lifted……….I guess if they were too low and you couldn’t see, you would have to, huh?

      I think mine are too low (appearance wise), but I can see ok. Mine are pretty tight too and feeling wise, they are sorta numb, but I guess they are still swollen underneath. They don’t hurt to touch anymore, but it is not like I can give them a good rub!! I really need to ask my doctor when I got back May 26, exactly what he did. Do they pull the muscles down and that is why they are so tight? I wonder if in the next few weeks, they will give a bit and go up on their own!! I think my left lid (which was the worse) is still coming up a bit at night (when I sleep) in the far left corner and that might be just how it is going to have to be.

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