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      My first two eyelid surgeries were a couple months apart. After that, I had to wait at least 6 months. Yeah, poor me. I don’t remember the “tight” feeling, but now that you mention it, when I squeeze my eyes shut tight, they do feel kind of tight. Nothing abnormal, I don’t think. The weird thing, is that the eye was pulled up nicely, perfectly. Then the surgeon pulled the eyelid down, physically, taped it down and bandaged it. When the bandage came off in a few days, the eyelid stayed in the low position. So that’s something definitely weird! But swollen or not, the position of the lid is the position of the lid, in my experience. Whether it was 2 days post-op or 6 weeks, it didn’t improve.

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        Hi Renee – Just wanted to ask you if the lids (mostly the part closest to lashes) is suppose to be very hard feeling and numblike for quite a while. I am not sure if they are still swollen (like from underneath) because I can only get them to go as far down as they are…….which is to where when you look at me they don’t look really puffy, but a bit reddish. They are pretty much too low, but I am hoping that when the muscles loosen up a bit they will give some, they just are so tight right now and won’t budge from the point of looking too low and making me look sleepy. Do you have to wait a good amount of time between each surgery……….which I would want to anyways. I sure hope I don’t have to have as many surgeries as you!! Poor Thing. Mine are even right now.

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