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      Dear Jake
      I wanted to let you know that if there is one thing i have learned from having this disease it is that we should all take the least invasive route first when it comes to treatment. It is my motto now….even in my daily routine….start slowly and work up to it…..eventually i believe we all learn that in life some of us unfortunately learn it too late but Graves has made us all learn the art of patience . …..i guess before this disease i never really knew what that word really meant….now i do….and after seven years acceppptng my new personality…it was the toughest thing i had to overcome……

      My prayers are with you and your drs to make the choices that are right for you….


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        Hi All,,

        Just taking a few minutes to post a note to let you know haow I made out in Miami on Friday.
        Still on Prednisone but am being backed off. The Eye muscles are still growing and the CAT
        scan showed the orbital decompressions did a good job. The eye muscles setteled into the
        sinus area well. Having facial numbness due to the eye muscles swelling and the doc said I
        may have to live with the numbness. That I can do. We are looking at radiation of the eye
        muscles if the swelling continues after I go off the steroids. Will have an onocologist do
        the rediation and will take about 15 sessions. I hate how the steroids make me feel but I
        must say my eyes have not felt this good in years. If they will feel this good after Radiation
        I will welcome the x-rays.

        Double vision is still a problem but only intermitently, like when I am tired and the eyes
        are not working together. Looks like radiation in a few months for me. Need to let this
        phase of inflation burn its self out before we move on. Thanks for your e-mails and posts.


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          After my message yesterday, I have received this morning the results of the blood tests of the last months, so that I can show them to my new endo tomorrow. However, only this morning I was told that within the last 3 weeks I went from “normal” to hypo after having been hypo and a RAI in November. I hope that the fact that I feel so bad and without energy is due to the fact that I am now completely hypo. I hope that anyone can tell me more about all this, it would be soo fantastic if some one could tell me that I would feel any better in the coming days……
          I will keep you informed and thanks soo much for your reactions so far.
          Kind regards,

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