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      Hi Gwen, glad to hear you are doing great with the radiation to the eyes. You may have mentioned before
      in previous posts but how long did you have the graves
      eye disease symptoms before the radiation treatment?
      What were your main symptoms? Did you have the double vision, tearing, etc.?

      I had gone to Wills Eye Hospital myself in Jan. and thought they were great there I wish they were closer,
      I think the hosital was about seven hours away two years ago I liived an hour away from them. Well the best of luck to you as you know we only get one set of eyes and really need to take real good care of them.

      Denise (dee)

        Post count: 93172

        Gwen, I gave a copy of your posting and several of the response postings
        to my optho. He said he thought the BB is a great service. He hadn’t seen
        it before, but said he would be checking it out. He said he did not agree
        with the posting stating that the radiation treatment could cause scarring
        and other problems. He is very much the proponent of early intervention
        with radiation. He absolutly dislikes prednisone, because of the problems
        it can cause.
        My eye exam showed no drift in the six weeks after strabismus surgery.
        The results are as perfect as possible, given the elasticity of the muscles
        can never return to its pre-scarring condition.
        So I ordered some new glass. The perscription has hardly changed at all
        from my old pre-GD glasses. The optho said I could consider RK or PRK
        but would still need reading glasses. The RK is $750 per eye and the PRK
        is $1700 per eye. He said he wanted the PRK for himself but would have
        to not do surgeries for some weeks during the adjustment period afterward.
        Glad to hear you are still doin better.
        It looks like I might be done with all GD related treatments!
        May the same be true for you in six months or so.

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