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      Margie it isn’t uncommon for the eyes to recede on theit own, that’s why it is a good idea to be patient with the eye problems if we can. After four years my eyes are still receeding. I did have the radiation but that is mostly just to keep them from getting worse.

      My proptosis was extremely bad with nerve damage and now my eyes are almost back to normal position.


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        This probably sounds like a stupid question. Does any of you that has
        had problems with bulging eye, ever have the eyes recede without eye
        surgery or radiation? Mine seem to have gone back (or down or what
        ever you call it) a tidbit over the last few weeks on their own or
        maybe it is my imagination. I have heard the old pros with GD talk
        about radiation or surgery. My eyes have been protruding slowly outward
        for the last couple of years. Since they have protruded for so long
        is it OK to get my hopes up that they may finally stable out or does
        this stop and start. I was told by my eye doctor they should be
        stabled (no farther bulging) for at least six months before I should
        consider having anything done. Margie

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          Hi Sue, I have it all. Double vision, swelling and proptosis in one eye. I had surgery on my left eyelid about eight years ago so that one is not protruding the same. I have terrible tearing and my eyes are very sensitive to the light. I have been told since radiation two months ago that my eyes now seem to be stabilizing. My Doctor likes to wait six months after the radiation to make sure the eyes are completely stabilized and then he will do decompression, the surgery for double vision and my other eyelid. The radiation is because the optic nerve is being impacted by the swelling of the eye muscles, not to correct the double vision. If I can be of any help please ask.
          Hope you are feeling better soon. My prayers are with you. SAS

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