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      Morning boahunk!
      You will nedd to get a baseline eye exam done by a Graves’ Ophthalmologist,(that’s one who deals with the disease on a regular basis.). This will give them a good guideline to go by if TED chooses to progress. Let’s pray you’ll not experience these ravages.
      You probably should be using a “natural” type eye drop(one that is preservative free, not keeps the red out) every hour or so-
      DAILY, to avoid dried corneas. These can lead to nasty eye infections, etc. If it turns out that you do have TED, run a search on eyes on this BB. Debby Jass, Jake, Denise and DianneW have all written about how to properly care for TED eyes. All have had MUCH experience with them!

      Praying for you and your eyes,
      Online Facilitator, NGDF

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