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      Thanks for taking the time to post all of that interesting information.

      I am in a job search mode now and some companies have sent me applications to fill out
      with the physical exam requirement on the bottom after being made an offer.
      Curiosity got the best of me and I figured I would see if anyone else here
      had come across this nad how they handled it. My gut feeling is that the testing
      was for drug testing. In addition to Graves’ I have Diabetes which does
      have a negative conotation with employers and the general public even
      though I have had it for 31 years and have not had any complications from it
      or has it ever prevented me from doing any type of work.

      My recent setback was with the Graves’ eye disease. The disease seems to almost have run its course
      after five eye surgeries I want to put it behind me and move ahead in a new career.
      Since having to have 5 surgeries in my current job all within a year-and- a-half I feel it
      has limited my career and I am really having to pay for it even though
      management would never admit or could I prove any discrimination.
      Eye surgeries are very expensive and I think the cost factor puts
      me in a high risk category for on the job. (Personnel had questioned me about
      a $18,000) bill I had which was just the hospital stay for 5 days not including the surgeon
      fees and anesthesiologist. Even with all of the surgeries I can still
      do the same work as before and they have reasonably accomodated me with a 21 inch screen for my computer.

      Well thank you again for your information!

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