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      I found prisms, although very difficult for me to get used to, help
      alot and were well worth the effort. The hardest part of dealing with
      the double vision was accepting that it was there. As time goes on I
      find that I am less and less upset by it. Dr. assures me that it can
      be corrected when the time is right and his positive attitude certainly
      helps to. Had my last eye radiation treatment yesterday and believe
      that the severity of the double vision is not quite as bad as it was
      for a while. Hope this helps.

      Good Luck,

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        To answer your question: Jake has had 12 eye surgeries, but not all were
        for strabismis. The other surgeries caused the double vision coupled
        with the fact that the muscles continued to swell. And as a result, he
        has has to have RAI on the eye muscles. Now that the swelling in the
        muscles is reduced he will again have to undergo strabismis surgery.
        I hope this answers your question sufficently.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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