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      Yep, have been having a nice little chat with my professor: she teaches linguistics. We just learned about the ear and what it’s about. The Mild Neuro Sensory loss is in the middle ear, unfortunately but here’s the GOOD part: I’ts getting better with the synthroid. Crazy ain’t it?
      I still can’t hear acoustics much.And she did say that nothing can actually help the hearing loss: for example, a hearing aid. But That’s okay, I already know the alphabet in Sign Language and I’m learning how to lip read so I get the whole affect of what people are saying. Ah, you know me, there are other ways of getting around a problem. Say like the diabetes: induced by the synthroid, I presume. So, I started eating smaller dosages of food and I excersized like crazy! iT DON’T MEAN i’M DYING-BUT THEN AGAIN, ONCE YOU ARE BORN, YOU ARE SLOWLY DYING.
      Sorry about that, my hand don’t know how to use the keyboard. Check to see if the damage is internal or closer to external and talk to a professional about the ways you can help with the hearing loss. Younever know, it may be just temporary.. or get better like mine did.

      Otherwise, I would suggest one of those megaphones that little old ladies held up to their ears and said “Say that again, sonny? I can’t hear you!”
      Just a little humor.
      Break a Drum!

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