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      You didn’t offend me. Thanks for your input it is appreciated. What is really great about what you said, is it doesn’t need to be physoanalyzed, or rehashed or explained or anything. People can take it or they don’t have too.

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        Dear All,

        It has been very interesting to read some of your postings, but also it was very sad for me. Just like all of you, I have to deal with Grave’s disease every day, every minute of my life, and I agree – it is no fun, but I would HATE to see myself or anyone else turn their lives into one big problem because of it. It seems like all you guys do is complain about your problems, scare each other with often senseless information.

        I have seen people with much more complicated and deadly diseases
        who were much happier people than all of you.
        Did you know that ‘you are what you think’. You guys need to get out, get away from the computer and start to enjoy your lives. You will not beleive how much better you’ll feel physically when you are happy! I feel so sorry for you! Personally, I don’t have time to ache and complain, depress myself or others by talking over and over, every day about my “forever” sickness. I have other things to do, like enjoy today, give love, affection and support to others, share happiness and smiles. Seriously, stop complaining and lets party, because you CAN! (and since most of us are hyper in general we’ll probably have more fun).

        I know you want to meet new friends on-line, so do so, but share good things with people, share interests and hobbies, funny stories or intersting information. Why depress each other every day about something we all alredy know? Grave’s SOCKS, but you know what, deal with it and move on!
        Sorry if I offended anyone.


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          Mean Di–you really don’t sound like a happy person who gives love, support and affection to others. This support group exists for people who want to talk about their disease, and who are you to say whether someone needs to do that? It’s a big enough job for you to decide what YOU need!

          People on this BB actually do share happy things a LOT! The people I see here are LIVING their lives WITH Graves’, except for those rough moments when that becomes difficult. Not everyone experiences this disease the same, and some really DO have serious problems to discuss. Perhaps you might try being grateful you’re doing as well as you are.

          Valuable information is shared here, and we go away knowing better how to participate in our own medical care to the best advantage. What to you is “scaring each other with often senseless information” might be just what someone else needs to know.

          If it’s not helpful to you, nobody is forcing you to read it.

          Best Wishes,

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            My radiologist said that his Graves patients are the most miserable patients he has.He thought it was because the disease is not life threatening, but a real pain to put up with. And the waiting for it all to end finally gets to you.How much patience can one have? Having Graves is a Zen exercise in patience!!

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              I do not generally post on the board, however I do read a good portion
              of the messages that are posted here and your message is one that I
              cannot resist responding to. I cannot even begin to express
              how often I have found answers to questions that I was afraid to ask.

              The discussions/posts on this board have provided me with information
              re: symptoms and treatments that I would not have been able to find
              elsewhere. Reading about the experiences of others has not only given
              me the insight and knowledge to make the decisions necessary regarding
              my course of treatment, it has dispensed with many of the fears I felt
              when I realized my eyesight was rapidly going haywire. There is no
              fear greater than that of the unknown, and there is a strange comfort in
              knowing that someone else knows what you are experiencing. Although
              the information here can be very scary, it is by no means senseless.

              For many of us this disease has become a bigger part of our lives than
              we would like to admit. This board provides me to opportunity to deal
              with my “problem” without constantly dumping it on my family. I can
              come here, read the messages and not feel the need to constantly discuss
              the situation with my husband or children – who are able to see the
              ravages of this disease everytime they look at me.

              I have discovered through this board that I am not as alone as I once
              felt. Hopefully, your experiences will not reach the same degree as
              some of those here. You can be certain the information and support you will
              gain here will provide you with the knowledge to make informed decisions
              in the future if you give it a chance. Remember, no one here found
              this board on a day when they were just out there surfing the net
              for something to do.

              Happy Hormoning,

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