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      Email me Di-the mean one. I’ll set you strait!

      How dare you acuse the people of this BB as not getting on with their life! How do you know by what they post here, what their life is like? Or what they do when they are not on the computer? You simply do not know!

      You know what it sounds like to me? It sounds like someday you’ll be in counselling because you coundn’t vent your feeling or talk about your hardships (if you even have hardships) of your disease. Keeping those feelings in can be very hard on you. These people on this BB use this area for whatever they need, and they need to seek people in the same situations that they are in. This is a “support group”; have you ever been to a support group- probably not. Your family and friends are probably tired of hearing about your problems, and your are probably tired of trying to tell them- they just don’t understand, huh? Well we here understand- but hey blow us off!

      I fight my disease everyday of my life,too, and I’m winning! How about you?!?!? It really doesn’t sound like it. Someone who is that offended by these posts, must really actually be suffering, and not want to be reminded of it!!!

      I am not “a mean one” but you really made me mad (I wrote something else there, but it could be offensive. ha ha)!

      The Guy Who Really Doesn’t Like You,
      PS- How does it feel to have someone make assumptions of you?!?!? (SLAM)

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        You know, Di, if you are lucky enough to get a correct Graves’ diagnosis and proper treatment early enough to avoid most of the more serious symptoms, then you are truly blessed. And it probably doesn’t bother you when you explain your illness to family, friends, co-workers, etc. and they respond by saying, “Oh, yeah, that’s just a thyroid thing, right?” However, if you happen to be someone who HAS experienced some of the serious complications of the disease, you want to talk to people who understand that Graves’ affects every part of your being, from your hair to your heart, from your skin to your toenails, from your muscles to your eyes, from your psyche to your relationships with other people, etc. I have to tell you that I am very grateful for the opportunity to talk to and listen to folks who’ve been through the same things I have. I also find it informative and interesting to hear stories of those who’ve had different experiences. It’s far from being my whole life, as I’m sure is true for most of the participants–but I’m sure glad it’s here!


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          I loved the response to mean Di. I also would like to know why, if she
          feels all everyone does is complain, does she read the posts here and
          spend so much of her time where she doesn’t seem to need to be????



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            If your radiologist thinks GD isn’t life threatening, he’d better go back
            to medical school. I have a grandfather who died because of a heart attack
            in a thyroid ravaged heart. I have a mother whose heart stopped while
            undergoing thyroid surgery during her pregnancy with me. I spent 3 years
            as a child bedridden and out of school only becasue of Graves’ Disease.
            During this time, no one thought I would live.
            This is a typical response of today’s medical professional who dismisses
            thyroid disease as non-life threatening and forgets why we get radioactive
            treatments in the first place.
            JUST FOR THE RECORD, untreated and improperly treated GD !IS! life
            And for some of us, the results of treatment, with partially effective
            or ineffective replacement hormones are a living hell.

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              i have a small worry. my doctor started me on zoloft yesterday, and i just read on the internet that it had the small possibility to decrease fertility. i don’t want that to happen. does anyone know exactly how small the possibility is?


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