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      Okay Bruce. . .I do, indeed, have TIMEZONEOPATHY. I learned it from Rachel, however. . .(where are you, Rachel??) You’re not alone, though, Donna. /me kicks Bruce anyway

      Dave made a post some time back regarding T-3/T-4. Jake, Nancy, and any doctors that might be monitoring this BB, what research is being done on this subject? Why do so many people we meet on thyroid replacement claim to do better taking preparations with BOTH T-3/T-4? We are told that our bodies convert T-4 to T-3, so therefore the T-4 is all we need. Yet, our thyroids (when functional) make BOTH. I’m wondering why so many people on T-4 replacement claim to have hypo symptoms. Are we really getting the same things our thyroid provided, when prescribed levothyroxine sodium preparations?

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