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      Well Queenie, we were there, where were you???? I agree with Lady Dee, We need a better device, one that we can control ourselves. I hate being told come back in 6 months for a recheck on TSH levels. I could be dead in 6 months if my levels are out of whack and on the wrong dose. We are told to take care of our bodies but noone lets us make this decision about when we need our levels checked. I went severly hypo so they increased my “med” since I’m not allowed to say the actual name, to 150 mcgs next level came back 3 weeks later normal range 3.1 I went from 96.4 to 3.1 in 3 weeks! Did they decrease me back to 100mcgs noooooo, Now I feel hyper and I told him, but would he retest me noooo. I have to wait 6 months. If diabetics can test themselves why can’t we? Diabetes can kill faster than Graves can, yet diabetics have control over their bodies!

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