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      I’m sorry you are so down. It’s hard because it seems like you just don’t have very many good days. I would like to make an off the wall suggestion to you. I too, also have sinus infections on a regular basis. BUT, I also have severe allergies. (I was diagnosed with allergies the same year I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism) My allergist/immulogist said last month that he wanted to put off any new methods of treatment for me until AFTER my GD treatment. He says that allergies are often a hormonal imbalance and the worsening could be caused by the GD. Which makes me think that maybe after my thyroid is under control, my allergies will also. I know dealing with GD is hard enough with all the pokes and prods but you might want to consider allergy testing to make sure that is not the cause of the colds and sinus infections. Just a thought. It’s a simple procedure and the meds are totally different for that kind of infection if it is caused by allergies. I too can take many doses of antibiotics and then as soon as they are stopped, I get it right back. Hope, maybe this helps some. Try to smile.

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        I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling so discouraged, but I know where you’re coming from. I used to push myself all the time, too, thinking that I could keep up with everyone else, but I couldn’t. I used to get sinus infections all the time–one thing to remember is that you must get a new toothbrush. You can reinfect yourself. And, a good ENT can make a difference–better drugs, better suggestions on staying well. (BTW, I’m feeling great at 6 mos. post-RAI and regulated on thryoid replacement. It can happen, but I still have to pace myself and know that slowing down is a necessity.)

        To encourage you, the book on “Living with Chronic Illness” was a big help to me. The author has a way of saying things with common sense and it really spoke to me. (Check the NGDF reading list for the exact title/author). Also, I picked up a book by Morrie (that guy who was the subject of “Tuesdays with Morrie” called “In His Own Words” or something close to that. He’s a very wise man and the book is his wisdom and practical advice on dealing with being sick. He had ALS, which is fatal, but his wisdom crosses boundaries and applies to many kinds of illnesses. He has a way of looking at things that really makes sense and he gives you permission to be upset, which I needed.

        Knowing, intellectually, that there is no quick fix for Graves’ and accepting it are two different things. There’s no quick road to acceptance, either, but you can make that decision and keep moving forward. Graves’ doesn’t have to stop you, but it does slow us down a bit, which can be a gift.


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          Hello all,

          Happy Friday before big holiday weekend!

          I’m in an unpleasant job situation (which I’ve posted about before). I was concentrating on how bad I felt and how I could get out on disability.

          While I was home sick this week I got a call about my resume I’d sent out a long time ago. They are very excited about seeing me.

          I am going to go for it, weight gain, big old swollen eye and all. My interview’s on Thursday.

          I decided to quit sitting back and waiting for life to happen when I get better. I’m sure, as with most things, mental attitude is one half the battle (good medical help is the other half).

          Thanks Warriors for all your support. (go Luck to us all)

          “One must live with firm resolution. This should be the attitude of one who practices faith. One who lives with determination is strong. Thanks to
          his determination, his trouble and suffering in life will be reduced by half, and he will be able to summon forth the courage to surmount any

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            Best of luck to you!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you–think of all the people here sitting and cheering you on and you will do fine! Let us all know how it goes.

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