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      You know folks,

      There are a million and one diets. One tells you this or that is bad for you and something else is good for you. Another says no sugars or flour. While another says no meat only grains and vegetables.

      Bottom line is if caffeine bothers you cut back on the amount until you notice a change. I drink coffee in the AM and have no caffeine after 3 PM. I didn’t find it in any diet book. I noticed I was shaky late in the day if I drank caffeine, or had chocolate with caffeine.

      Talking with the Endocrinologists and Graves’ thy state (most of them anyway) that the weight watchers diet seem to be best suited to those of us with Graves’ disease. This is not an endorsement for them or their diet but the doctors and nutritionist say that is the best for us.

      We are not going to get into a discussion if flour, sugar, aspartame, meat, etc. is good or bad for you. Many people are fanatics about what diet worked for them and will pound you in the head until you try theirs or hound you because you do not choose their diet.

      We will not do that. Find what works for you. If you feel better stopping flour, heck go for it. But you do not have to stop flour because you have Graves’ disease. Flour has noting to do with it, nor does sugar. Graves’ disease is an autoimmune disease. Not caused by what you eat.

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        Post count: 93172


        Thank you! for clearing up the diet thing!! I don’t want to give up flour or sugar, I cut way back, because I thought I had to because of graves. Jake, thanks for writing such a great book ” Graves in our own words” I made my husband purchase it for me, and it is going around my family like wildfire. They understand me, and graves a lot better these days. So glasses raised and hats off to you!


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