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      Welcome, Mona to our Motley bunch (speaking for myself of course) :)

      I have Euthyroid Graves’ eye disease (so they say) and have felt as you say for almost 4 yrs now to the extent that there was no way I could work. (Was blind for a while with it too). I seem to be coming out of it now and feeling pretty good most of the time. I’m on antidepressants and seems like that is making a big difference in the overall way I feel.


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        Thank you for responding so quickly. I am currently on
        0.1 mg of levoxyl. I had the symptoms of hypo but my blood
        tests said I was “normal”. I have finally been able to get
        out of bed in the last 5 days. I still feel fatigued and
        slightly depressed. It’s difficult for me to get on a
        computer but I will make every effort to check the latest.
        I feel somewhat relieved that I now have people to “talk”
        with. Fortunately I have a wonderful family and terrific
        friends who care. But it’s nice to have people to talk
        to who are actually going through the same thing. I’ll
        be in touch. Take care. ;-)

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          If you still feel this hypothyroid after three years, you may need a
          medication that contains T3. Ask your doctor if he prescribes any
          thyroid preparations containing T3 and not just T4. If he doesn’t, find
          a doctor who does. It’s worth a shot.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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