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      Hi Lee,
      Now that I think of it my eyes did bug out more when I was Hypo and I
      was very depressed about the way I looked . My husband says he was
      first attracted to me because of my eyes the way they are shaped well
      they didn’t look like that any more I was crying all the time it seemed .
      Between gaining a pound a week even if I didn’t eat ,my hair falling out
      in handfulls and my eyes bugging out I was totaly discusted with my self
      and my husband would say have I told you today that you are a beautiful
      woman, well there go the water works .
      After experienceing the hypo side I made my mind up that I didn’t want to
      feel that way again so no RAI for me. My computer is on my desk it probably
      isn’t at the right level and at the end of the day I’ll catch my self with my nose
      about 5inches to the screen so I can see the pixels I know I sit to close but
      the farther away I sit the harder it is to see what I’m doing My shoulders are
      real sore and stiff at the end of the day from sitting in one place all day probably
      my eye Dr. told me to use Natural tears in my eyes it to is expensive but the drops
      make my eyes feel wonderful they are really cool and refreshing.Theres one thing
      that bothers me and that is if this is hereditary and if my daughter will eventually get it
      I’ve been noticeing that if she doesn’t eat she shakes I had that and it was so bad
      that I couldn’t keep my food on my fork long enough to get it in my mouth it was very
      imbarassing if we were at a restaraunt. I’m wondering if I should have her blood tested .
      If you know anything about this could you let me know.
      SORRY again this is so long.
      Hope you have a good day
      Deanna in Wishon

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        i new about sea food ,but was wondering about red food colouring i haven’t
        heared that before and was enjoying my red jello till i saw what you wrote
        so what is in red food colouring that i should worry about.


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          Has anyone else read the article about synthroid and other brands of synthetic thyroid replacements at

          I’ve begun to question the role of the synthetics in the rashes/allergies, etc. we’ve been discussing and. for my own “need to know”, am trying to revisit the concept of natural dessicated thyroid to find out if it is “bioequivalent”. I know, I know… all these years we’ve been reading books which dismiss natural thyroid because of inconsistency in dosage. The article referred to also points out that synthetic hormone tablets also have occasional dosage problems. In fact, a couple of months ago there was an FDA recall of .150 synthroid for just that reason.

          Does anyone have some recent sources of information about this subject? I’m going to do some personal research.

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            To be fair, I should add that this month a batch of Armour Thyroid (a natural replacement) made by a particular company has been recalled by the FDA because it failed the content assay.

            By no means am I recommending replacements other than synthroid at this point, please understand — I am only asking for further info.

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