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      As Di said about Graves Disease…“deal with it and move on!”

      I found this BB very helpful when I first had my eye problems.
      Even though I live in the same town as the Mayo Clinic (Rochester MN)
      everything I knew about the disease was from a small pamphlet on
      Graves disease and information from a couple meetings with my endo.
      When your eyes are being pushed out of your skull, can’t sleep,
      can’t work well, can’t do much of anything, it was sure nice to know
      what I was going through was “normal” for the early stages of this
      eye disease.

      From reading the posts on this BB I learned details of the various
      options for possible treatments (medication, radiation, surgery) and
      that it was going to be a looong time before I got better. I also
      learned many tips for dealing with this disease to make my reduced
      life style better. For me, reading this BB did exactly what Di said,
      it helped me “deal with it”.

      Dave Gulczinski

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