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      My impression was that the different antigens for other countries was more from environmental than hereditary factors. Anyone know?
      Dianne N

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        Another reason they have more success with medication is that they use
        them for much longer, possibly even a lifetime.

        Also, if a patient goes into remission, and a year or two later becomea
        hyper again, RAI is not usually the first route. They simply go back
        on meds. If this doesn’t control it, they are more likely to have surgery.

        Linda T.

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          Dear Folks, A BIG thank you to those who are sending in DATA.
          Please be easy on my eyes. the format translate easiest when you
          do it like this partial example.

          Name. Grave’s Warrior
          Sex/Age: M 102
          Locale: Florida and tell me your state’s abbreviation if you would,please
          Symptoms while HYPER: Carefree happy, beautiful( okay I am joking)

          But get the idea. those big paragraphs of narrative where I have to dig
          out the info are hard.
          YES IT WILL BE CONFIDENTIAL. I’ll use your name in my computer, bit that column
          won’t get printed.
          Eventually, soon hopefully, the data will be shared on the homepage of NGDF
          and in any other ways that it might help research to protect
          future warriors etc. When that happens you will all know.
          I have a few thoughts about several posts on today…
          MLC the metabolic info makes sense. The hard part is that of course not everyone
          responds the same with this disease. Quite a few report gaining weight, maybe more than the
          3% generally represented in the statistics I’ve read.
          Not everyone flies off the handle…people report different mental effects.
          Anxiety, even panic attacks, Mood Swings, Plain old Depression, even feeling great
          memory loss, mental fatigue lack of concentration etc. But not everyone
          gets it all.
          RE: ANTIthyroid drugs: 69% U.S. Doc prefer RAI but 77% European docs
          prefer ANTITHYROID DRUGS as do 88% of JAPANese drugs.
          ANTIGENS are proteins that cause (stimulate) an antibody response.
          It is thought that dietary iodine may be a neglected factor in relapse.
          The American diet may be high in IODINE.
          Other questions I have…What do your DOCS say about “GOING HYPO”
          mine doesn’t want me to do that…hard on the eyes.
          Je also doesn’t like to do RAI if eyes are troublesome.
          Good article in this regard TREATMENT OPTIONS FOR HYPERTHYROIDISM
          by Leonard Wartofsky in the Washington Hospital Center journal called

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            The text gave the impression that it was environmental. I still haven’t gotten to the library, so I’m not entirely sure yet.

            Caroline :-)

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