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      you go girl—had i had not been such a hyper mess initially—ready to
      jump off the Brooklyn bridge–i wouldnt have been so intimidated!!!

      i had a dr yell at me when i found a medicine in the pdr for her on my
      visit–that she didnt know—she told –no sreamed at me—that i was
      obsessed with my disease and went on to say that i probably drempt about
      it at night and really threw a major hissy fit at me!! (at the time i was
      on an antianxiety drug because my vision
      was 20/300 in both eyes and i was on 100mg of prednisone facing radiation!!)
      The BIT__ actually was the head of endocrinology and her husband was an
      pediatric endo!!!!) When i left her patient room and went out in the waiting
      room i was in a full fledge sob- red eyed- real good for my already swollen
      eyes!!! and my whole family including the kids ran up to me and said what
      happened what did she do to you?? it took everything i had not to start
      sreamng (which now i know i should have done) but my husband who is normally
      not violent may have gone in there and done something to her and i would
      have been in more trouble with my husband in jail!!!!!!!!
      So stand tall and be proud for sticking up for yourself..
      this poor woman didnt know that i have a lot of influence in
      the medical communtity and from her treatment of me…she lost
      afew customers to say the least!!!!! A silent payback–hurt em where
      it counts—the pocketbook!!!

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