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      Hi, Brenda! (Is this H.S. teacher Brenda??) :)

      It is *my* understanding that all Graves’ patients have some sort of eye
      involvement (even if only detected by CAT scan), but only 30-40% of them
      have obvious eye problems. Of that smaller percentage, 45% experience
      diplopia, 34% have some corneal exposure, 13% have orbital inflammation,
      and only 9% have some compressive neuropathy. To be honest, I’m not sure
      what exact symptoms are included in each group. But, everything I’ve heard
      and read about Graves’ Ophthalmopathy indicates that approximately 10% of
      Graves’ patients have serious eye involvement that requires surgery, i.e.
      orbital decompression. The last two categories sure are near that number.
      So, if I understand that right, 3 (or 4) out of 10 GD patients have eye
      problems, and approximately 1 in 10 GD patients with eye problems need
      decompression surgery. (How did I ever get so lucky. HA!)

      Please remember that these percentages may be based on the patients seen
      only at the Atlanta Oculoplastic Institute in Georgia. They may not reflect
      the rate of occurrence of these eye symptoms in GD patients across the
      country, or world for that matter. I would interpret these numbers as slight
      chances that you will have ongoing eye problems.

      Boy, I hope I got that info right. It’s all so confusing, and I *don’t*
      want to post inaccurate info. I hope your eyes feel better SOON!

      Wishing you health and happiness, Debby

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        Hi Debby,
        Thanks for the info. My eye problems are insignificant in the general run of things. I have had some minor focusing problems and slight discomfort at top of eyelid and some photosensitivity. However, the idea of Graves’ disease threw my optometrist for a loop. He declared there was nothing wrong, but I notice my new glasses give me slight shadow vision in certain light and as a teacher that bothers me.
        Thanks again,Brenda

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          I am curious what symptoms other patients have experienced with GD. Today I am having double vision and generally blurry vision. All week long I’ve awakened to a ‘dirty’eye and my eyes have been sore. Over the past few weeks I’ve had ‘eye aches’ that were hard to figure out initially; I thought I was just anxious but realized I was having eye pressure type pain. Has anyone else experienced anything like these symptoms?

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