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    Re: The Holy Grail. How wierd is your sense of humor? Monty Python is distinctly off the wall. My son (18) rolls on the floor laughing. I mostly just chuckle, or groan. It’s definitely worth a try, though.

    My suggestions: Recently, Multiplicity was pretty funny, with Michael Keaton. Past — have you ever watched Jumpin’ Jack Flash? For standup type comedy, Cosby’s By Himself is also a good one to lift my spirits, especially when he’s talking about the foibles of parents and children.

    I’m glad you asked you doctor about the range of RAI dosages. When I saw the numbers posted by Jake and others, I wondered if mine had goofed! (I got 8mcs)

    Good luck with the laughter.


    Post count: 93172

    For absolute stupid-funny, ya gotta see “Encino Man.” For some bizaare
    reason my husband rented it when I came home from having a c-section.
    I almost burst open…I don’t know if it was the pain pills or the
    whole dumb-funny business. It was definitely PYP material (pee your pants).
    Not intelligent, but hey! For intelligent-funny “Rosencranz and Guildenstern are Dead.”
    It’s the two friends of Hamlet that were sent to “cheer him up” by his murderous uncle
    and you see the play from their eyes, realizing they’re two dimensional characters
    in a play one begins to experiment with the laws of gravity. It’s weird, but
    really good.

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