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      Yes ,my right arm and hand as well as my left thigh and hip numb up to the touch but hurt on the inside. Bummer. You may have tried these ideas but here goes anyway; squeezing a mushy ball in your hand ( repetitively) ,physical therapy ( in the water especially ),stretching exercises ,electrical stimulation and massage may all help. The PT (including traction which relieves the pressure), worked for my thigh and hip for a little while. I don’t know anything about surgery for this problem. Good luck –Kendra

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        I thought I would post my MRI results. This might be my last post since I found out they tested my Thryoglobulin (TG) and Anti-thyroglobulin-Antibody (TG-Ab) and they were normal. (I found out I was getting billed seperatly from the lab, my total bill right for testing and imaging, and doctors visits is about $4,500.00.

        Anyways, my MRI said slightly to the left of midline anterior to the trachea and superior to the thyroid gland, there is a 5-6 mm diameter area of abnormal signal intensity. (Basically in conclusion they are saying I have a pretracheal lesion slightly to the right of midline adjacent to the strap muscles). It goes on to say there is also a differential diagnosis that includes a pretracheal lymph node and atypical throglossal duct cyst.

        Therefore, I’m not a doctor but it would seem that I have a lesion, and or cyst which has been in my neck 7 months and probably is causing my thyroid related problems (since my antibodies are negative, my uptake is less than 1% [unless I was contaminated with iodine], and Prednisone did very little for me). Has anyone ever heard of a lesion related case like this, and if so does anyone know where I can research it??

        Sorry for the long post too

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