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      Hello ,colleen

      my new endo has never gave me an examination,i know how you feel,
      beta blockers this is the first week i cut them in half, i decided
      to listen to the endo,im getting by its been 3 months since rai i
      think its starting to work but im not hypo yet and maybe never become
      hypo,as they tell me. if your heart is going its up to you,because i find you
      have to be your own doctor sometimes, the heart was my main problem from
      the beginning,i know its hell and you think your going to have a heart attack
      but if they get worise do something, i been to the hospital 5 times last
      year and an ambulance, i feel so silly they send me home my heart goes back to normal.Dont
      play around with your heart,do something about it.

      take care ,Steve happy new year

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        When your doctor has the bed-side manner (or brain) of a rock-switch docs.
        Fight for your rights. Stories like this make me want to spit! OOOHHH!!

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