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      I’ve tried Melatonin but have gotten very sketchy results. I don’t have
      too many difficulties staying asleep IF I manage to get to sleep. It is
      often 3 or 4am when I finally get to sleep. I often function on 4-6 hours
      per night. This wasn’t at all the case with me up until about 2 years ago.
      When it was at it’s worst prior to the RAI, I once went nearly four days
      on nothing but catnaps of 10 or 15 duration per day. It was awful. I
      have yet to experience the “crash and burn” phenomena I’ve seen so
      many people refer to on the BB after receiving RAI. Think I may still be
      subclinically hyper. My opthamologist’s wife is also a nurse who has
      Graves. He told me the one absolute he’s learned over the years is
      that no two people with GD are alike. There is a tendency towards
      similarity of symtomatology among patients, but it’s a highly individualized
      disease. In his wife’s case, it took eight years for her to finally stabilize
      to a quasi-normative state. This struck me as both upsetting and comforting
      Seems sometimes like this is taking forever to straighten out for me.
      Maybe God’s trying to teach us all patience! What a lesson! Hang in
      there – Luci

      PS I’m still wondering if anyone’s heard anything about the use of
      Phen-fen or Redux specific to GD patients. I have a story to
      share about what little I’ve heard if anyone’s curious. Let me know.

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