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      Yes, any permanent alleviation of GD hyper symptoms should help the
      anxiety. These symptoms take a while to get better and may be up and
      down for a while. Gooooood luck!

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        My wife was diagnosed with GD some three years ago. She has been
        controlling it up to now with a variety of treatments. In the last few
        months she has gone back to school, and has found that her stress level
        has gone up with a worsening of symptoms. She finds her anxiety level
        just too much to take. She is contemplating having radiation treatment,
        and wonders if any on this newsgroup has any knowledge of whether anxiety
        levels are usually reduced after this treatment.

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          An on-line Endo I asked told me that until thyroid levels are
          stabile for a few months symptoms will go up and down. I have
          also discovered that PMS causes the symptom of anxiety in particular
          to return. It has something to do with the female hormones
          stimulating the adrenal glands and the production of noradrenalin
          which is responsible for things like anxiety and irritability.
          Since we hyperthyroid women already have overstimulated adrenal
          glands, we just must get a double whammy in the 7-10 days before
          our cycle begins. When my dosage needs to be adjusted, my doctor
          will not do it during that time since we have charted how it effects me.

          Anxiety had been my WORST symptom. Now, after 5 months on PTU, I only
          have trouble with it during PMS. Knowledge is power…I find that
          if I expect it to come and steel myself against it that I can deal with it, (though not entirely avoid it). Knowing
          that it will pass somehow helps in the midst of it. For me, praying helps
          a great deal…”casting all your anxiety on Him, for He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7

          My Endo also suggested exercising when feeling that way…he said that
          exercise helps “dump” some of the excess adrenal stores. So far, it
          has helped (except in the wee hours of the morning when I am not about
          to do step aerobics)!!

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