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      Don’t give up the garlic routine..I would add vitamin c to the stew tho…I’ll tell you why: A long time ago, in the 60’s I think, I read in a woman’s magazine I think it was Woman’s Day, actually, I read a short popular article by a Scottish woman doc.I think her name was Campbell, but it was a long time ago. She suspected that vit c would lower choleseral, so to all her patients, she gave them 500 mg of c everyday for 3 mo., & tested her results, expecting to find lowered serum choles….To her dismay, she found them HIGHER. Some of the people continued taking c anyway, I don’t remember their reasons. She tested them at 5 months, & found a very low serum cholesteral. Then it dawned on her that the vit c was doing what she expected, but at first it was pulling it off the vessal walls, converting it into serum choleseral, and that’s why the higher serum cholesteral.. After a time, there was no more cholesteral lining the vessals to pull off into the blood, then the really true low readings. You may be at that moment of change.
      As I understand it, EDTA is a man made amino acid, but the first use of chelation to rid sailors of lead used some chemical that was similar to citric acid. (In my mind could the action of c & edta be similar regarding choleseral?)
      I have always had borderline high cholesteral, so this reading was a surprise, probable proof that broccoli is better for you than potato chips, usually.
      Sorry to hear that there is a link to bizarre behavour with GD. I’d rather be perfect.<g/>” title=”<g>” class=”bbcode_smiley” />   Karen </p>
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