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      I’m not sure what the test is that you are talking about—sure doesn’t
      sound like much fun.

      I have had lots of chest pain, and my doctor says that the need for extra oxygen to your muscles is greatly increased because of episodes of being hyper. The heart is one of the muscles so it hurts-angina.

      There are different ways to try to manage the pain, but the aim is to bring the Graves under better control.— At least that’s been my experience. The more hyper I am, the more chest and muscle pains I get. It’s miserable and gets worse with any exertion.

      I know everyone responds differently. This has been my main problem, more so than being too hot or the eyes. I found a few related articles on the net by referencing “high output heart failure”. Don’t freak out at the failure part. Hyperthyroid is one of the conditions related to this. Also one of the vitamin deficiencies, I think thiamine. Beta blockers helped me.

      I am certainly not an expert, not even close and I am usually clueless. I just know my own experience and thought maybe something I’ve been through might help you during this tough time for you.

      Good luck and I wish you all the best.


      P.S. I had mitral valve prolapse anyway, before being hyper. So, I don’t know if I would have had this type of problems without the pre-existing MVP.

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