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      Chest pain, with or without radiation ( the
      left arm pain/tingling/numbness )is SERIOUS business. These are CLASSIC symptoms of ischemia ( deprivation of cardiac blood flow-hence, deprivation of oxygen to the heart ). Plain speaking, he may be priming up for a Heart Attack OR having a ” Silent ” heart attack. Some people ( mostly men in their late thirties or forties-fifties ) have just ONE big one…called cardiac standstill. ( they die ) I see this in my work all the time. The next time this occurs,( since he will not see an MD ) CALL 911, and let him be taken to the ER for evaluation. Yes, he will be angry with you for awhile. Better angry though, than the alternative. I know this may sound harsh and extreme to you. But he has left you no choice. Good Luck, Lin

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