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      Hi Jake…Just to let you know, I found the page annette referred us to re: the IRC basics…So, tomorrow I plan to search out the software program, The IRC Client, and I’ll go from there. Hopefully I’ll figure it out soon…I’m still scooping up my brains off the floor. I really do want to be ready for this.
      I’m doing better, getting sleep, which makes all the difference…Taking the levoxyl 0.1mg daily, still using ativan at bedtime mostly…awaiting labs om T4 anf FSH & estradiol, the female hormones..”bouncing hormones” the endo called this…or “…like a tangled gold chain you find in the back of the jewery box one day…just have to work on one tangle at a time… I really liked this woman, and feel optimistic about the woman I’ll be seeing locally as of next week. I just don’t know how I’ll do at work with all the pressures and stimului…Am I ready? I don’t think so, but I want to be!
      Anyway, I’ll talk to my computet guys tomorrow and get back to you, OK? Rachel

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        This is all too new for me but I have many questions about Graves Disease. It has only been a month since they killed mine and I do not have a clue what to expect. I have noticed increased irratability and now after reading some of these comments. I would like to find some printed material to better prepare myself. If you know of any good books that I should be reading, please let me know. Thanks

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          To all who have asked, YES, Wednesday night chat room is alive and well
          and living in your puter! I was there last night along with a couple of newbies and
          a couple of oldies. Where were ya all?
          The chat is on Wednesday night, from 9-11pm EST. I hope you will feel free to join us next week.
          Jake has had to work most Wednesday nights as of late, but hopefully he
          will be returning and I can give his job back to him.
          Hope this answers your questions on chat room.


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