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      Hi, I just got a call from the Endocr. I just started seeing. Results from
      recent blood tests show my hormone levels to be off, estrogen too low and
      two other hormones (names I am not familiar with) too high. I am in the
      normal range at my current Synthroid level but have been having symptoms
      like tremors, hairloss, irregular cycles…. I wonder if anyone is being
      treated for other hormone changes and whether they are associated with the
      Graves’, RAI or Synthroid. Whenever I ask the doctors about symptoms like
      the ones mentioned above I am told they are not related. The only reason
      the dr. did the last blood tests was because of my persistance. He told me
      he was sure everything would come back normal and it was a waste of testing.

      Anyway, the results weren’t normal and now he wants to do more testing. I
      feel like I have to come up with the possible causes and ask for specific
      tests or nothing gets done. Problem is I am not a doctor and have no
      experience with this disease except what I am learning along the way,through
      NGDF and this message board. Anyone who can shed some light on this matter
      would be greatly appreciated. — Gotta go kids are crying —
      Thanks …. Julie T.

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        Dear Julie

        There is a link to hormones and GD. In some of the info I read that GD is related to a high estrogen level relative to other hormones. Don’t know if the estrogen is cause or effect. In my case, high estrogen, no progesterone, low DHEA. The doc did these tests as a matter of course along with the thyroid tests. Sorry I can’t point you to the item, but I was browsing at Barnes & Noble book stores in their medical books section when I found this. Also, several people on this board have mentioned this as well. One more piece of the puzzle. I am getting my hormones back to normal levels with additional hormones. Karen

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