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      Having worked in the meat-packing industry for 20 years, I can tell you
      I have known over a 100 people who have had Carpal Tunnel. Your symptoms seem to match those who have CTS,especially if you experience numbness at night. I know of no-one who ever fully recovered after surgery if they continued doing the same job as before.
      CTS is a repetitive motion injury that just seems to affect some people
      more than others. Posture, wrist position,and work-station environment
      all affect this condition. Look into proper ergonomic positioning at your
      job if this is what is causing you problems.CTS is highly work-related and a valid worker compsenation claim,though your employer will probably fight you on this.
      Sorry to say but the best relief comes from switching jobs (non-repetitive motion ) if this is possible. Hope this helps.

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