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      Thanks for the compliment, but I have cried over loss of hair many times. Here is my hair story, if you have the time.
      You see it is sort of my trade-mark. Guys probabley won’t get this…its a chick thing I think. At one time
      I had waist-lenth dark brown (with red highlights) hair. It is straight and shiney. After my first atomic coctail
      I lost it by the hand-fulls. My hair dresser at the time refused to work with me until I got “well.” I found
      another hair dresser. I lost so much hair that I had to have the apartment maitenance man come and unclog
      my drains. He yelled at me, of course. Then I told him I was sick and he was sorry. Then I
      a second atomic cocktail. Yikes! I lost more hair, and guess what? I went almost completely
      gray! Yes gray! Fortunately, I had my hair cut and I saved some. Then I found a NEW hair
      dresser. I set up a consult. Took in my baggie of un-gray lost hair and let this guy know the
      about my medical condition. I said “see this color, I am too young to be gray.” (I was 30 yrs old), Then I said “see
      this mess (as I pointed to the top of my head) we need to cut it and get it to grow back.” He was
      very kind and wonderful! We worked out a regime when I yes, take vitamins, and he suggested some deep
      conditioning products. We are not suppose to promote products here so I guess what I am really
      saying is that what saved me was a great and understanding hair dresser. I use an extremely mild
      shampoo, a daily conditioner w/suncreen and a weekly deep conditioner. I now color my hair as well.
      I go to the beauty supply and get my products so that they are not too expensive. I have babbled on too long
      as it is….I am not a beautician, but if you want to know my exact products email me at
      Good luck…and no one is as obsessive about hair than I am….I just don’t think it is possible. *smile*…Carolyn

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        Got another for you. You know that hair stylist I was talking about? Well, she was talking about a patient who was in her 60’s. This lady had a problem with diabetes and stuff and had to have an operation. Once she got her new organ, her hair went from what it was (white) to her natural color (strawberry blonde). Her friends kept saying that she must have dyed her hair. She was really happy that she had her original color back, I think she’d rather have a little peace, you know , about the hair thing. I also was complaining about the white hairs that are growing on my head. Shannon, could it be due to stress?
        If it is, then my brother has a lot of stress and so does his oldest daughter (she was 10 when she had her first white hair).

        You know, come to think about it, my dog has more hair than I do. My chicken (yes, I have a chicken as a pet) just started plucking her hairs out again. What a mess.

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          Hi Ann N! Prematurely gray hair (before 30) is another one of those auto-immune diseases that are common in families with Graves’ disease. I have a sister and a brother who both have nearly white hair now, in their 40’s. My understanding is that the hair pigment cells are attacked, much as the thyroid is in Graves’. Another disease in this category common in thyroid families is vitiligo, where the immune system attacks some of the pigment cells of the skin. Sometimes it’s tiny spots, and other times it’s huge patches of skin. (I have the small spot kind.) Dermatologists can treat this now.
          Dianne N

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            Which organ was replaced to work that miracle?
            I’ve read in nutrition books that the premature white hair (thyroid symptom).
            is due to a lack of magnesium which thyroid folks tend toward.

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