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    Caroline, thanks for your response.. however, i believe that I’ve had to
    take so many pils by now that I’m a swallowing champion when it comes to
    getting them down “quick-n-easy”. I called my endo, decreased my dosage
    today from 30mg to 1 10mg tab today, and am promised a squeeze in
    appointment next Tuesday for blood work to check my levels. My levels
    may be assisting my feel-like-choking-sensation from my goiter. Also, if
    you are patient enough to show your friends some material to read, in
    order to understand this GD process, I’m sure they care and will become more
    sensitive to your need for their support. I’m sure they care about you,
    otherwise they wouldn’t be your friends, huh?? I definitely understand
    because I was 22 years old when I was forced to learn about this chronic
    GD thing too. I’m 27, now and still pressing on. We, the GD BB, are here
    for you, supporting you all the way when you get the RAI. Take care, I’m
    sure you’ll be fine. write back and let us no how it went.
    Your GD BB friend, Monifa

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    Hi Caroline,
    This BB is great, or should I say the people on the BB are great!
    I know what your going through. I was diagnosed 5 years ago, and sometimes
    I still want to tear my hair out! I was in perfect health also, then
    GD came my way, I had RAI shortly after I was diagnosed, There was
    nothing to it really( for me anyway ) I had to isolate myself for a
    week,couldn’t be around people, I had to send my boyfriend packing to stay
    with his parents until the radiation was completely finished doing it’s job
    on me. RAI was the easy part for me, I have the eye disease also,
    Did you luck out in that department? I hope you did.
    And don’t feel bad about your friends,it’s hard for people to understand,
    unless they have GD themselves, sure my friends still don’t get it!
    Well I wish you all the best, hope things turn out great.
    Take good care,

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    Luckily for me, I hardly have any trouble in the eye department. They were
    ever so slightly bulging. I didn’t even notice. My doctor did. I have
    noticed dryness, but I’m an irresponsible contact lens wearer. I really
    should take care of them… Oh well. Thanx for the encouragement, Shana.


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    Does anyone just all of a sudden have choking spells. I was in a minute once
    and in church and all of a sudden I started choking. The meeting was after I was diagnosed,
    church was before. I just had one. Sometimes I think I’m going to strangle to death.


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    Yes, I have the same problem. I have been doing normal activities
    such as walking and sitting and began choking. My doctor believes
    it is from my heart being swollen and feeling the sensation in my throat.
    If you have the high blood pressure associated with Graves’
    you may experience the choking sensation.
    You may want to go on high blood pressure or heart medication asap.
    A swollen heart can be caused by toxicity imbalance,
    such as difficulty metabolizing oxygen. A similiar symptom is the
    whole in the mouth sensation when drinking a glass of water.

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    Hi Joan,

    Thanks for you reply. I have very low blood pressure. THe lady I used to work with had choking spells also. She has thyroid problems but not Graves.
    I also have heartburn pretty bad sometimes and never had it before. My doc says that could be from
    smoking and caffeine. I take axid for that. Thanks again.


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