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    Dear Jake,
    Thanks for your response.
    Your letter eases my mind. I get stared at a lot. When I lived in California some people asked me if I was on speed or coke (I think I would be dead if I was). When I look in the mirror I don’t know who is looking back.
    Anyway, I am going for my second atomic cocktail this week and I hope to see some improvement in my condidtion. Then I will inquire about your surgeon since I live in Florida as well.
    Thanks Again,

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    First off sorry it took so long to answer. Yes I had bug eyes.
    I no longer do. My disease had to be stable for about six months
    before surgeries started. I had numerous surgeries prior to the
    orbital decompressions. All the surgeries were to aviod having to
    do the orbital decompressions. Normally they are done only as a
    last resort because removing a portion of the eye sockets is a
    permant thing. It does cause a change in lifestyle. The surgery
    was performed a month apart and the difference was drastic and
    immediate. My eyes recessed about 3/4s of an inch. I had a three
    wall decompression done. I look like I used to prior to Graves
    except for the weight gain and the orangatang jowls I now have.
    The surgery helped. Drop a line or give me a call at 407-254-9719.
    I will return your call collect.
    Jake George

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    Jake, Please…orangatang jowels!!! What an image I conjured up…I’m already overweight and is ther anything I can do to minimize the weight gain. I feel the plummeting effects now of my dying thyroid…I feel horrible, trying to hold out on lab work until the appointment with the endocrinologist on 9/27, if I don’t die first…the eyes, headaches, emotions, depression, nausea, weakness, fatigue so much so I take to the bed in the daytime. I’m drained. To gain even more weight would really do it!!!
    Truth hurts, but keep it coming.

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