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      Hey Bruce! I was one of those lucky people who had an allergic reaction to epinepherine, you know, the stuff that is like novocaine or something? Whenever the doctor used the Ligma Jet*, he’d give me a dosage and I’d still feel the pain!
      I agree with you, I don’t like to have mercury in the mouth.. having been subjected to mercury in the eyes was bad enough for me ( a Thermos container exploded in my face as a kid)!!
      My doctor used titanium and plastic. He does this for most of his patients who are senior citizens. They were foing to make me wear pull-out partials, but the dentist’s father ( who is also a dentist) thought that I would look like his 80 year -old clients and that I was too young to look that way. As for the amalgam fillings, he didn’t use them much because I had a very serious allergic reaction. I also was prone to bleeding. That’s why when I heard the word “
      “stasis”, I got a little worried. I have only 20 teeth left,and only one is percelain.. That one is the worst tooth that I have in my mouth. The doctor said that I may have to have it removed, which I’m not looking forward to.

      My mother is 70 years old and had her teeth taken out when my brothers and I were kids. She wants to replace them with the same thing I have.
      Mind you, he’s a good doctor.. but he also said that “we don’t always know all of the answers”.. and he’s right.

      Then again, he was the one who suggested to people who have radiation therapy to have their fillings checked and all cavities filled Before having the surgery done. Many doctors and even dentists don’t tell you this and will not work on you until later. Hey, guess I have an outspoken dentist. He usually argues with his colleagues too about when to do things.

      And above all, he treats me with respect.. and I trust him. And in the Japanese community, word gets around fast on who’s good and bad. This dentist was highly recommended

      Well, what can I say?

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