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      Dear Steve,

      We have talked before, I’m the one who recommends meditation in any of its many forms. You may have already considered this, but at the risk of being redundant, find a good psychologist. (interview a few by phone to shop for one) I have been seeing a psychotherapist throughout the GD (diagnosed in August) ordeal…It has been very helpful to me, because here is a man that I trust to have my best interest at heart, and a place that I can let out my fears. He has helped me tremendously. Above all, know that all of us support you and you have our prayers. I believe you will get through this, and I see you well. You have taken the right steps in having the rai, and yet you are having still a hard time. How long ago did you have the RAI, wasn’t it about 6 weeks ago? If you think about it, you know that it must work. If they gave you a dose that for some reason wasn’t enough radiation, you can go and get a second adjustment dose. There are many steps that you can do from here, and you certainly are aware of them of. The hard part is staying unpaniced. When you are relatively calm, sit quietly and take deep slow breaths. Breath all the way into your abdomen. Practice doing this for 5 minutes at a time, and consider it part of your personal routine, like brushing your teeth. Do the slow deep breathing a couple of times a day, or a lot more if you like it. Don’t hold your breath so that you are oxygen deprived, just try to get an even pattern. You will like how you feel when you do this. Also, don’t ever feel that you are alone if some of us don’t chatter a lot to you….many of us are lurkers at heart. You will be all right, you’ve got a lot going for you…Blessings on you, Karen

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