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      Bruce, your message was inspirational. It reminds us that we should be thankful for all the things we do have regardless of what else we may have to end1`ure.
      And that endurance can bring the hope and strength which may sustain us. Thank you for your message.

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        Bruce, I don’t as yet have the eye problems and pray I won’t. Your post was beautiful.

        I’m so thankful your surgery helped and you were able to enjoy the mountain view.
        We used to live in New Mexico before we lived here in FL….I miss seeing mountains
        and desert. Here we have sand and orange groves….
        Take care and keep getting better. Glynis

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          Have lived in both Fla and NM so I know what you mean. I really missed seeing some mountains when I lived there and getting out to hike.

          Eyes are doing great, Thanks. Bruce

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            I had a total thyroidectomy last September, after 12 years of controlled
            hyper; and it feels like hell!
            I was promised a fantastic euthyroid state, but I feel hypo -fatty, cold
            slow, dizzy, loosing hair, dry skin.. and the great etc-. The problem
            is that blood tests show normal t3,t4 levels; and even TSH tests are in
            low values while I feel hypo and strange with my body.
            Then, Ill much appreciate any comment on when does the situation becomes
            normalized, what to do, etc.
            Thank you!

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