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      I can understand you concern about not wanting to say to much at work about your illness. Most people don’t want to hear about everyone’s “aches & pains” and just plain don’t understand. I think it helped that I was gone one day for a dr. appt. (which was planned) and then ended up being gone for a whole week (because I ended up in the hospital). People knew that SOMETHING was really WRONG and human nature took over and everyone wanted to know the “news”.

      Fortunately, people have been really supportive. I think it helps that its a small school, and that over half of the staff has been there at least as long as I have (14 years) and we all know each other really well. I’ve used more sick days this year than I have the entire time I’ve been teaching. Fortunately, I have them to use!

      Since all this started, I have learned that there are a number of other people that I work with who have or have had some sort of thyroid disease, so even though no one else has Graves, that helps, too. One of them was someone I didn’t know real well before, and we have sort of formed our own private support group!

      Also, there have been some pretty obvious changes, too. Like my not wearing sweaters (which I always used to) and wanting to have my windows open in January. Or wanting to have the shades pulled because my eyes are real sensitive to the light. When I mentioned after Christmas that I must be feeling better because I had turned my heat at home UP to 65 that turned a few heads.

      Good luck to you.

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