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      My interpretation of this study is that there were a total of 28
      participants, all post menopausal and all in the same age category. 16 were treated with RAI and
      12 were not. All women’s estrogen levels change postmenopause.
      All of the women in the study were experiencing bone loss. However, the women
      treated with RAI, for some reason the bone loss was less than those
      not treated with the RAI. (The study did not point out if the other
      women were on ATD’s or had surgery. Because these women, had there thyroid levels under control with RAI, they
      experienced less BMD loss. (bone mass)

      This is just my interpretation, I am not near menopause. I just shared these
      research studies to let others now that there is some wor going on in the
      research arena. Now if they would just find a cure!

      Have a nice day!

        Post count: 93172

        FYI-I recently had a bone scan done and was found to have significant
        bone loss. I’m a 37 year old woman who was diagnosed with graves’
        2 years ago and have been on anti-thyroid drugs pretty much since
        diagnosis. I had no symptoms of bone loss,but I was pretty sure
        I probably had the disease years before I was diagnosed. My doctor
        did not suggest the test for a bone scan, but I’m glad I had it done and
        may be able to regain some bone density. My insurance covered the bone
        density test because of my graves’ disease diagnosis,you may want to
        check this out first. Sorry for lenghty post,but hopes this can help

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