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      Hi Bobbi! I just wanted to touch base with you on this subclinical or hidden thyroid once again. My mother had her appointment with the endo – prior she had extensive blood work done so that she could take the report with her. Nothing showed up in the blood work and the endo said that he felt that with all the tests that were run hyper thyroid would have shown up. She is symptomatic – I remember you said that you were also – did you lose weight? This is one symptom that she doesn’t have. But, because she had a high uptake l5 years ago this doctor wants to run that scan once again – and if its high he said that this will be something that he has never seen before. But, for you now – they are able to read the results of RAI in your blood work? I feel for my mother – sweating, palpitation, racing heart, sleeplessness and waking with a pounding heart, etc. etc. The endo said that she is probably a complicated case! Good luck on the synthroid! My levels weren’t down enough to tackle RAI this month – early Feb I think now. Take care.

        Post count: 93172

        Hi, Mary:

        No, I had not lost any weight when I first started nagging the doctor. All told, I only lost about five pounds the whole time I was hyper. I did question my endocrinologist about how she would be able to follow me through bloodwork when it wasn’t picked up on bloodwork originally. Her response was that “she” would have picked it up, that there were indications. I probably should have asked her for chapter and verse (i.e. SHOW me the figures and explain them to me type of thing), but I didn’t. The information I passed on to you was from a friend who is an internist (and from what I’ve seen, a very good diagnostician). He was the one that said he looked into free T3 readings when the other signs were there, but the TSH etc. still were in the normal range. The encouraging thing is that the endocrinologist doesn’t seem to be fluffing your mother off, but is going to take a scan. That will show whether there is excessive uptake or not (and by extension, excessive hormone production, I guess).

        Thanks for the good wishes with the synthroid. I have my fingers crossed! Good luck to you, too.


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