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      It’s good to hear some places are starting to to the tests. Early detection
      is one of the best preventions.

      Enjoy Les Mis, it is a GREAT musical. I got to see it a few years ago
      and wish I had a chance to see it again (at least I have the 10th
      anniversary special on video tape, so I can watch the performers when
      ever I want. I just wish they would film the play and release it).

      Jean C

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        Yesterday I went for my usual blood test. I am still terrified of these and so I talk a blue streak. I was telling the nurse that I had recently read in Prevention Magazine that more people’s TSH should be tested when receiving routine blood tests because there are so many people walking around with thyroid symptoms who don’t know it. She told me that in the last year she has been amazed at the number of requests for TSH included in most people’s routine yearly check. This is good.

        Well I’m on my way to see Les Miserables. Since I have been lying around so much lately I have been playing the CD and know the music so well that I’m sure I will enjoy it. So I’ll remember to take my patch and eye drops and enjoy. At lease the theatre will be air conditioned!!!

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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