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    Does anyone know what the “normal” range is for blood tests? My doctor may have told me when I was first diagnosed in Feb. but, guess what? I forgot what they were! My most recent tests showed T4 = 13.4, TSH = 2.68 and free T3 = 3.9. I am on a anti-thyroid drug seldom spoke of here as it is not available in the US yet. It’s called Carbimazole. Any ideas? Feeling quite good lately so I think the levels are near normal. (?)

    Post count: 93172

    According to the 6th ed. of “Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests” by Jacuews Wallach, MD, 1996

    Free T3 range: 2.2-7.2 pmol/L

    Free T4 range: 0.7-2.0 ng/dL

    S-TSH (sensitive) range: 0.3-5.0 mIU/L

    Don’t ask me what they mean, I only look them up! :-) hope this helps…Carolyn

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