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      Hi Jeannette,
      I also wonder how close we are I’m in a little sub division called Wishon in between
      North Fork that claims to be the exact center of California and Bass Lake we get a lot
      of turists during the summer at the lake we are about 45min. from the south entrance
      of Yosemit National Park. Summer time is very hectic up here by Aug.
      I’m ready for the turists to all go home my nieghbors are at the corner so they get most
      of the lost turists who wake them up at 3:00 am and ask if they can camp out on there
      front lawn because theey can’t find the lake. I’m glad I’m not on the corner.
      I was wondering if you got the survey I hit a button on accident and it dissapeared off my screen
      thanks for letting me know that you got it o.k. Ididn’t want to write all that over again.
      Hope you have a good day it’s a beautiful day here I’m going to enjoy the sun while its out.
      Deanna in Wishon

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        Dear Deanna in Wishon,I wonder how close we are? I’ll get out a map
        sometime today. I am in N.CA. And thanks for responding to the survey.

        I am not on synthyroid, but the “Tap” has reduced my blood levels now to
        normal. Here is what I have experienced, for what it is worth. My eyes
        were very troublesome while very hyper…the classic class I irritated, gritty
        wet/dry sensitive to light and puffy and “ugh”( but none of the truly
        serious stuff that means the antibodies are definitely attacking them).
        As my levels came down, I would have these almost normal eye days, the
        computer didn’t bother me as much and I wasn’t rubbing them, looked
        better too. Then I would regress…
        So I started paying attention to what was different about yesterday???
        Then a lady wrote me that she had found her diet seemed to be effecting
        her eyes( and other symptoms too, actually). I realized i had eaten meat( chicken)
        the day before my eyes would get bad. So I have started avoiding the
        occassional meat I would eat. I still eat dairy, if it is a culprit I’ll be a sad
        girl, but oh well. My eyes feel better. Is it connected? Who knows?

        There are theories about Leaky Gut Syndrome (sorry folks…my apologies)
        which I think hypothesizes that a damaged “gut” lets proteins pass into
        blood too indiscriminately( not digested enough?) and then your
        immune system heats up and the resulting antibodies attack our
        body proteins as well. My doc said it is not impossible, they just don’t
        know. How can we find out? So I trying to be more aware and careful
        wanting these eyes of mine to look out on life with joy.
        I don’t use computer for my work, but I have been on it lots more to do the survey, so my heart goes out to you.
        Please forgive me if this is all just nonsense to you and now I have
        spoiled your favorite meal with speculation.
        have been on it more than ever to do this survey…so my heart goes out to you.

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