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      Hi Jake and all! As I recollect, I could not give blood until one year after RAI. Now the Red Cross gladly takes donations – as long as I’m feeling good that day and my iron “test” is normal.

      I too am an organ donor, if they’ll take them. :)


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        Does anyone know if it is okay for a recipient to get blood with antibodies
        for auto-immune diseases in it. I would be very concerned about passing
        these thru the blood supply. It isn’t the medications we’re on so much
        as the disease antibodies themselves. I am concerned enough not to give
        blood, especially since I have many auto-immune diseases now, not just GD.

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          It seems as if the Red Cross has different rules across the country. I was
          a regular blood donor before and after GD.. Since I have started anti-depressants
          and mild relazation drugs I do not donate any longer. But I have never been
          turned down for donating with GD. As long as my levels were stable they were
          glad to take my blood. I was one pint shy of my 5 gallon pin,. I am also an
          organ donor. I wonder if they will take them now??? I have a living will that
          states my organ donor wishes. I have told my doctors and family if there is
          anything left of me bigger than a postage stamp I will be dissapointed.

          After we are gone we are just but a shell and I would prefer to give someone
          life or sight than feed the bugs if you know what I mean. Don’t want to appear
          to be morbid but after I am gone my shell should be put to good use.

          Talk to you latter,

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