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      Hi Shannon, Wow your words could have been my words. We are getting close to 5,000 messages on this BB so I definately think there is a need to express our anger, which so many of us have. I am more than fed up with the whole disease and doctors, hospitals, treatments, needles (which I am terrified of and it does not get any better) and this whole game of waiting. Now, being Sunday afternoon, I am dreading going to work tomorrow. It took me until 1 PM today to be able to focus properly and I went for a walk with my husband and little dog Bridgette which made me feel a bit better. I just now made some buns for dinner. I don’t have to see very well to do that and that also made me feel a bit better – like I had accomplished something. I just have to keep pushing myself. Tomorrow every time I get a call at work I will be hoping it is the Clinic calling me in for my orbital radiation treatments, then again, I also hope they won’t call because I don’t want to go through yet another procedure that might not work!!! When you say you have had this since 1992 – is that the eyes. I had hyper thyroid about eight years ago that was treated with medication and at that time I had an eyelid operation but my eyes were nothing like what has been happening since September. If I thought I had four years of this to go through – well I don’t want to think about it. I hope you are feeling a bit better now – it’s good to type out the anger!!! Keep in touch. SAS

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