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      I am sure glad to see the BB again, but there goes my morning! I live on the west coast so it is just noon. It’s September and I am back to my many many doctors appointments again. I decided to take the summer off from appointments. I am now having two massage therapy treatments a week as well. From all the sitting around I did due to my eye pain I seem to have some pinched nerves causing tingling and numbness in my hands and legs. The doctor is hoping the massage therapy will help that as well as the constant up tight stress tension (whatever) feeling that my body seems to be under because I never know what is coming up next. In otherwords help me relax.

      I had more extensive testing for my double vision last week and although it has improved a bit I will still have to undergo another Strabismus surgery. I am not ready to deal with that at the moment and my Opthal is away until the end of October so that is fine with me. Had my blood tests and see GP on Thursday to find out results and have a complete physical. Anyway life goes on between doctors appointments and I have decided this year to try to accomplish more than just sitting around like I did last year – so I will be checking the BB when I can and posting when I feel I can help but I am going to cut back on both the BB and e-mails. I need to work on getting my body and my mind back into the shape that makes ME feel good inside. I have lost a lot of confidence through this long ordeal of not being able to drive and staying at home so much. I just know things are going to be better this year. It may be a lot of hard work but most worthwhile things in life are hard work – right! So, even if you don’t see my name as often – remember I am still thinking of all my BB friends and wishing you well.

      THAT was more of a spiel than I had planned – talk to you later. SAS

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