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      Thanks for responding with the info. Since I can’t find a tinker’s darn of non-profit type research motivation, it’s good to know that someone isn’t pleased with the status quo. I have wondered why some company has not come up with a one drop blood test thyroid scan or even a home test kit. Apparently, more than a few have trouble with maintaining proper levels of synthetic hormone, so a simplified testing procedure would probably be well received? I almost certainly would have some problems with donating to a for profit corporation: I’m not sure how much good would come from my purchase of one or two shares of stock.
      Do any of the NGDF board members read this BB? Perhaps someone does know of a non-profit cutting edge research group which should benefit from those donation minded with Grave’s Disease? With tens upon tens of thousands of those with Graves’ Disease in this industrialized country alone, it is almost unbelievable that no research oriented foundation exists. Guess we need to wait for some more enlightening. If I knew how to go about setting up such an organization, I would not be talking so much, but such work would more likely crystallize by those with experience in such matters.[Hint Hint NGDF founders, et al] Hey, if anyone is out there doing good in this area, please post !!!

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